NTN - Rabbit Complete (500g)
  • Wild whole Rabbit with fur 85%
  • Wild Rabbit offal 10%
  • Fresh green curly Kale, Fresh green runner Beans, Parsnips, Alagal Oil, Fairtrade Turmeric, Raw sea Kelp, Fresh Parsley, Wild Nettles, Green lipped muscle.


All ingredients have been selected from wild/sustainable and ethical sources and contains raw minced bone.


This product has over 80% meat content and 15% bone content. This product is a single source protein.


  • Protein 15.6%
  • Moisture 69%
  • Ash 6% (We do not add ash to our products this is a residue left from burning the sample for testing purposes)
  • Fat/oils 5.5%
  • Crude Fibre 0.5%

NTN - Rabbit Complete (500g)