Warriorbullz - Chanel no5 Shampoo (250ml)
With all the same goodness as our sensitive skin shampoo but available in 5 different designer inspired scents
professionally formulated oatmeal shampoo is designed for your weekly / bi-weekly washes, a classic shampoo for general use.
This oatmeal and coconut dog shampoo will effectively:
Lather up to clean away dirt and unwanted oils;
Soothe sensitive skin;
Hydrate dryness to moisturise;
Deodorise nasty smells;
Helps protect skin from exterior exposure.
Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Cleans dirt and Grease and smells
Several coconut properties work with water to effectively rinse any unwanted dirt and grease from the hair.
Oatmeal Dog Shampoo reduces irritations to soothe sensitive skin

Warriorbullz - Chanel no5 Shampoo (250ml)